Your Skincare Routine

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Lack of sleep, improper care, abuse by the sun and even sickness are all reasons that our skin might not look its best. Having dull, lifeless skin is the worst, but it can easily be remedied by a doing a few simple things.

Whether it involves something as easy and intuitive as adding more moisture or something a little more difficult like knowing what products to use and when, there are steps you can take to give your skin a new glow.

Start your day with a facial mist.  This is a wonderful method for decreasing puffiness and stimulating worn-out skin. Store your mist in the refrigerator for an even better wakeup call.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining good skin is keeping it moisturized. Using a good moisturizer immediately after showering is a must. Always use moisturizer and use it often.  Make sure you use an eye cream after using an all-over face lotion.  After moisturizing your body and face, an eye mask is a necessity.

And one of the most obvious tips, but it still needs to be talked about, is about wearing sunscreen.  Don’t go in the sun without it.  In fact, it needs to be applied 20 minutes prior to going in the sun.  Also, make sure you reapply every two to three hours, and use the correct amount for good coverage.

When it comes to skin care, what order products are applied is important.  It’s most beneficial to put products with more water in the ingredients on first.  End with your thicker products such as moisturizers.

Treat your skin right. Fine-tune your skincare routine, and you will have your most gorgeous skin ever.

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