Alison Green is an author who often gives advice to employees who are facing work-related problems. A common problem that is brought up surrounds the discomfort of employees on various issues that they are too shy to speak up about. A coworker remaining silent about issues that are impacting their comfort at work can really take a toll on their performance quality and even sometimes their job security. In her new book, Alison speaks about ways to advocate for yourself in the workplace without coming off as disagreeable or rude.

Key Takeaways:

  • If someone has an issue at work but does not speak out about it, it can lead to a decrease in their performance quality and even their income.
  • Rationally thinking through worst-case scenarios can help you be more prepared for situations in the workplace.
  • Being able to relax and have “lazy” periods is a great way to refresh your energy and work productivity.

“Her advice and observations are insightful, funny, grounded in real experience, and highly practical.”

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