How to Handle Acne Scars

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When your skin finally clears up and your pimples are gone, what do you do about the acne scars left behind? You thought once your acne went away, your skin would be perfect again.

Do you think acne scars only come from popping pimples?

However, now that your acne has cleared up, are you left with a few battle scars? Acne scars occur when deep, cystic acne causes an infection within the skin. Once the scarring occurs, the skin cannot be completely restored. But here are a few tips for dealing with the most common types of acne scars.

Ice pick scars are tiny wedge-shaped holes in the skin caused by impacted collagen production. Dermatologists can use a chemical peel to treat them. The chemicals cause a tiny burn in the wall of the scar, and the hole closes in on itself during healing.

Boxcar scars are similar to ice pick scars, but larger, with sharp edges. Dermatologists can make a small cut, then suture them together. A collagen-boosting treatment is a helpful follow-up.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by an increase in melanin.  These scars are dark spots under the skin where pigmentation has increased, causing discoloration. This can be treated topically with retinol or vitamin c,  but It often clears up on its own.

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