Transforming Aging Skin into Healthy Glowing Skin

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Healthy glowing skin can be yours no matter what age you are.  An effortlessly radiant face is not so easy to get, but that does not mean that getting a clear and healthy glow is hopeless.

To begin with, and this can’t be said enough, sunblock needs to be worn every single day and applied throughout the day when necessary.  This is preventative and your best weapon fighting against aging skin.  Avoid a daily hot shower or cold bath.  You don’t want to remove naturally occurring oils in your skin.  Use lukewarm water to bathe as well as to wash your face.

How often should you exfoliate?

Exfoliate once or twice a week.  It removes dirt and grime from the surface of the skin.  This way new skin can be revealed which allows your serums, moisturizers, etc… to deeply penetrate your skin. Don’t forget to pay attention to your neck and chest.  You should use your face wash, toner, and masks on a regular basis on your neck and chest as well as face.

Make sure you’re using an intensely hydrating moisturizer since aging skin is typically very dry.  Your skin doesn’t retain the moisture for as long as it used to.  That’s another reason why as you age, you should also include facial masks or sleep packs on a regular basis.

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