Tinctures: A New Trend in Beauty

photo credit: www.self.com

Tinctures are a new trend in beauty to hit the shelves.  Before you buy any, however, you should first understand what they are and what they can do beyond regular herbs.

Do you know what a tincture is?

First, a “tincture” is the best quality and very powerful liquid extract of an herb or plant. The process to make a tincture involves soaking a dried herb in an alcohol-water blend, which keeps bacteria from affecting the mixture.

Some tinctures are safe to ingest; these will be marked as such on their packaging. They usually contain food grade alcohol. If you’re going to try this trend, make sure you leave the mixology to the professionals.

Other tinctures can be used as ingredients in beauty-care products as long as the alcohol is burned off. Otherwise, the alcohol can be drying to your skin. Tinctures can also be extracted in vegetable glycerine or apple cider vinegar (non-alcohol).

Because tinctures are more potent than regular herbal mixtures, and their effects are also correspondingly magnified. For example, a chamomile tincture is much better at soothing inflammation than just chamomile by itself.

The process to create a tincture successfully, however, is complicated enough that you shouldn’t try to make them at home.  For more information about tinctures use in beauty, read the original article here:

4 Things You Should Know About Tinctures, The Latest Trend In Natural Beauty