Time-saving Beauty Solutions for the Winter

photo credit: www.everydayhealth.com

Your time is valuable, so consider these tips for kicking your beauty routine into high-efficiency mode. Lifestyle experts offer some of the greatest time-saving beauty solutions to keep your skin and hair healthy throughout the cold winter season.  These are real time-saving beauty solutions you can actually use.

Did you know you can use an old t-shirt in your beauty routine?

First of all, something as simple as an old t-shirt can be used to dry your hair instead of a towel.  Aside from the fact it doesn’t cost much, it is better for your hair.  The t-shirt keeps your hair from pulling like a towel does and it’s faster and more effective. It will decrease the time you need to spend blowing dry your hair.

Another time and money-saving tip is to mix your foundation or face tint in with your primer.  This makes it easier to take your look from day to night without constantly having to touch-up your makeup throughout the day.  This tip helps to seal your makeup for three times as longer than without this hack.

Also offered here are remedies for dry and chapped winter lips.  While highlighting your lips, it’s vital to exfoliate your lips, particularly throughout the drying months of winter. A great tip is to use a toothbrush to brush your lips in a circular motion.  This helps to get rid of the dead and flaky skin that can be on your lips. There are many DIY pastes for the lips that you can make at home to give you that perfect pout.

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Timesaving Winter Beauty Fixes