The author was cruising at high speed on a highway when the realization came to him like a full wind on the face. He stopped the car by the side of the road, shaking like a leaf. He needed to calm himself down. This occasion was the ninth wave of panic that he was encountering and experiencing. He felt like death was approaching and was panicky. He was worried and anxious. This was because he had been taking time to enjoy fun and relaxation with family and friends while he had work to do on a Master’s dissertation. He kept berating himself. This anxiety made him nearly lose control of the car he was driving. He felt he needed to do something about it because it was the final straw. The trouble was that he had hoped for a miracle to get him out of his anxious moments without doing anything about it. That day, he decided he shouldn’t and couldn’t be living his life like that. He reasons that what one practices, one gets good at and he has been practicing worrying for a very long time. He needed to stop. He realized that his habits lie beneath his worrisome trend. He needed to start practicing something else.

Key Takeaways:

  • As the author drove on the highway, he was hit by anxiety and he had to stop to take in some fresh air.
  • The author felt as if he was about to die and this was the ninth wave of intense desperation he was experiencing.
  • He had a lot of work to do on his Master’s dissertation but went to spend time with friends and he had to berate himself for doing this.

“My anxiety, despite being a very real (and often terrifying) experience for me, was a habit. I was practicing being the type of person who was constantly stressed out and worried about everything.”

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