We have all heard some version of the mantra to be true to ourselves. Authenticity is a byword of many self-help programs. Yet, for many people their is no automatic road to authenticity. Many of us take a detour away from being our truest version of ourselves because we feel we cannot be loved, respected, appreciated, or accepted, without taking on qualities that at their base do not represent who we are. Sometimes the adherence to rules and mores acquired during our early years keep us from being our most basic selves. However, the peace and connection that comes from being our most basic self and then taking our cues to action from that self translates to a sense of joy that is indefatigable and not subject to being buffeted by the emotional uncertainty that is inherent in being someone that strives to be someone that is not who they really are. The long road to being truly authentic starts with letting go of rules that do not fit what we believe and shushing the voices in our heads that speak truths that we do not ascribe to.

Key Takeaways:

  • Self actualization involves the removal what is not true about ourselves.
  • Sometimes people abandon themselves in order to get other people’s approval.
  • People need to flush out other people’s thoughts and influences and focus on their own.

“The hardest part of living in my truth was coming to understand and accept that it didn’t matter how anyone else experienced my childhood and my life but myself.”

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