The author made a mess which is remaining there as a reminder to her and she wonders when the mess would disappear. The mess provided her some pleasure though. It gave her a sense-pleasing plate of food that she relishes. But the food made her to wonder too whether there is rhyme and reason to our existence; whether life has a reason. That is why this blog is about unfilled wishes and dirty laundry, and about potentials unrealized. The author believes she has been living inefficiently recently because her to-do list pile up without being done and her efficiency is recorded according to the number of naps she has taken. She knows that she is not productive because productivity requires effort and all her efforts at being productive have been wasted and spilled here and there. Her time is being used frivolously, she confesses. But she has not always been like this. For years, she has been optimizing her life, living efficiently and fulfilling her tasks daily. That was until one day nothing was working for her again and she had to snap. Then a miracle happened and she decided to simply let things be and let go. That was why she has decided to be unproductive.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author wants us to know one fact and that is she made a mess yesterday and wonders whether the mess would still be there or simply disappear.
  • The mess which she made helped her to wonder whether there is rhyme and reason to our world at all and if there is a reason for living.
  • This blog is not about fulfilling one’s desires with nutritious dishes but about dirty dishes and unwashed laundry that piles up after some days.

“I’ve consciously decided to use my time frivolously, dipping in and out of idleness like a bag of crispy treats.”

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