So on Wednesday next, the 31st, I fly from Dublin into Santiago. Hopefully I’ll catch a bus to Ferrol. I have a hotel booked there for 1 night. Then to the Camino I venture. Although I feel that a journey has somehow already begun for me, I look forward to carrying it on with sincerity and gratitude along this sacred route. So yes, I’m apprehensive. Can I really walk 30km on my first day to Pontedeume? What if I meet noone else on the route? What if I meet someone on the route? Can I get from Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela by Monday, the 5th, so I can make my hotel reservation? And on the other hand, I’m excited. Adventure waits and I look forward to seeing what El Camino has in store for me. I’ve read so many posts on this site, from what shoes to wear to whether to bring a sleeping bag, or whether to phone ahead for a reservation. I want to thank every person here for making me feel that I can do this. I’m excited. I can do this. I hope 😀

Key Takeaways:

  • One young man, who eventually embraced meditation did so when a date told him he did it every day.
  • While meditation was not a topic he felt intrigued about, he was impressed with his date’s poise and his centeredness.
  • Discovering that meditation was the art of being in the moment eventually helped this young man release many of his negative thought patterns.

“I have an endless supply of ill-fated dating-by-way-of-phone-app tales. Most of them end in a relatively similar fashion, but that?s for another blog or a cabernet-supported whine-fest with a good friend. This dating experience in particular was quite a bit different. Although this was the last time I dated a beautiful actor-slash-model-slash-writer, it happened to be the start of something else. Something much bigger than the initial lesson I learned?that sliding my finger across a cracked iPh”

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