Surprising Charcoal Beauty Hacks that Actually Work

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Are you looking for beauty hacks that actually work?  Activated charcoal is the hottest ingredient to be found on beauty shelves right now. It’s in products to improve everything from oily skin to stained teeth. There are masks, scrubs, and cleansers all featuring charcoal.  But does it really work? In these DYI beauty hacks, everything from skin to hair to teeth are treated with activated charcoal.

How can something as dirty as charcoal whiten your teeth?

Beauty companies call it a game changer for those who are prone to acne.  There are so many charcoal beauty product lines coming out.  You can use charcoal in its pure form and/or combine it with a few other ingredients to make your own beauty concoctions.

And while there is little-to-no science to support the benefits of charcoal, it is a pretty inert ingredient so it probably won’t cause any adverse reactions.  Since there’s no risk to using it, and there may be many ways to benefit from it, why not try?  It’s important to note that you do not want to start making DIY beauty treatments with charcoal briquettes. If you can BBQ with it, don’t use it! Instead, use food-grade, activated charcoal, which comes as a powder.

The most important feature of this charcoal is that it’s absorptive, meaning that it uses its electrical attraction properties to attracts dirt and oils like a magnet.  See how it works as a DIY facial scrub, in a facial mask, as a toothpaste, added to shampoo, and/or as eyeliner.

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