Surprise Beauty Ingredient is the all the Rage: Shhh, it's Eggs!

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This surprising ingredient is cheap, readily available, and an integral part of breakfast.  Of course I’m talking about the egg.  The idea of including eggs in your occasional or daily beauty routine is a hot new trend that is making its way into the spotlight creating some unique beauty products.

While there are several noteworthy DIY projects on Pinterest, there are also top beauty products and companies that support this idea.

Did you know that egg whites contain collagen and protein?

Eggs contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals that are not only healthy for breakfast, but also for your face and hair! Each part of the egg plays a role in moisturizing your face and hair.

Read this article to discover surprising tips about how to make your own egg face masks or find suggestions on existing beauty products:

Why Eggs Are The Most Popular Ingredient In Beauty Right Now