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Facial masks for your skin have been around forever, but over the last few years they’ve really stolen the spotlight due to gimmicks and trends. Women have always been using them to keep their faces from getting wrinkled but now there is a new mask in town, and it’s not for the face.  Rather it’s skincare for your breasts.

Do you need to include this step in your skincare routine?

Dermatologists note that the skin on the chest is much thinner than the skin on your face.  Since the skin on your neck and chest bears many similarities to the delicate eye area, it’s best to treat both areas with much the same kind of care. However, there’s no definitive proof that you need a mask designed specifically for your breasts.

Research by experts don’t show any evidence that these masks actually provide any benefits for the chest area, but they’ve gained popularity anyway.  A better strategy to care for that area is to apply products to protect your skin from harmful UV rays with broad spectrum sunblock, and apply moisturizers to keep your skin from wrinkling.

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