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With the changing of the seasons, it’s time for skincare advice for Fall. Daylight Savings Time is coming (November 6th), the days are becoming shorter and the weather is changing.  All of these factors have a big effect on your skin.

This changing in the climate can dry out your skin. You’ll find tips for your skincare routine offered by skincare experts to help you combat the dryness that comes with the fall and winter seasons.

How does your skin feel?  

When you get up, pay attention and determine what your skin needs for the day.  Make sure to switch up your morning skin-care routine by adding some extra morning moisturizing if necessary.  In addition, make sure you are nourishing your skin at night with a deep moisturizer.

One of the best ways to combat dry air is to include a regime to to nourish your skin at night because when you are sleeping that is when your skin is healing.  And if you are still struggling with dry skin, it’s best to try a facial mask especially designed to hydrate your skin.

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Fall skin-care tips from Calgary makeup artist Karen Malcolm-Pye