Skin Benefits from Yoga

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If you don’t think 30 days of disciplined daily yoga can change your life, then you must listen to Kristen Booker who’ll tell you different.

For 30 days you need to go on your yoga mat and go deep within.  With any luck you can remove the anxiety that causes your unnecessary overeating and lack of sleep.

The psychological effects are many.  Your self-image will improve and you will feel more yourself without needing external reinforcements such as makeup, high heels, etc…You will feel beautiful and worthy.  You will have the best hair and nails, and your skin will look amazing.  The increased blood flow causes more oxygen and nutrients that lead to a glowing look that you will love.

Do you want that “yoga glow?”

Kristen claims that her daily regimen of yoga for 30 days helped her hair, skin and nails to have that “yoga glow”. The yoga glow isn’t like a runner’s high.  It’s a unique physical condition created by practicing yoga.

In addition, yoga helps your digestive tract to get rid of toxins in your system.  If you don’t get rid of the toxins, that can lead to weight gain as well as acne and increased aging of your skin.

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