Showering the Right Way

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Obviously we’ve all been showering our entire lives, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been showering the right way. When we shower, most of us stick to routines based on beliefs we were taught about showering from when we were kids, but in reality, most of us are doing it wrong.

You may have wondered if bar soap is covered in germs, but interestingly enough, research supports that bar soap does not transfer bacteria to your skin.  Using loofahs and washcloths are worse than using bar soap because they are porous, and that makes dead skin cells get stuck in them.  This can happen with a washcloth as well.  If you’re going to use a loofah or a washcloth, replace it each time you shower.

Hot water is actually the worst showering temperature for your skin because it can wash off your own natural oils, which can be very drying.  Also, don’t spend too much time in the shower.  It may feel nice, but it’s not the best thing for your skin.  This is yet another way to suck the oil from your skin.  Also, you should pat your skin and not rub it dry, which causes skin irritation.

Timing is everything when taking a shower. Most people shower in the morning to wake themselves up, but showering at night is more effective since it washes off dirt and oil that build up throughout the long day. And surprisingly, you should put your deodorant on at night since there is less moisture when you are sleeping. And really, you really don’t need to shower every single day because that can dry your skin out as well.

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