Science and Healthy Skin

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There is a great deal of scientific research about skincare and healthy skin because skin is a fantastic indicator of your overall health.

Exercising your face through facial yoga is a very good form of self-care. Other helpful tips offered here include washing your face twice daily, removing cosmetics at the end of the day, and following up with moisturizing aftercare to round-out a good routine.

What are some habits you are doing that could be sabotaging your good skin health?

Also, watch out for things that can cause breakouts.  Some of the things that can contribute to skin problems could be your beauty products, routine behaviors, or something in your environment. And while there are many things that can contribute to acne, sometimes the main cause is attributed to genetics.

As you age, your skin can be an indicator for health and cancer likelihood. Bad sunburns that happened when you were a child can actually increase your chances for cancer down the road as you age. Skin protection must also be balanced since there has been a recent increase in GMO and GMMs. You need to read product labels.

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