A cosmetologist on Instagram by the name of Christina Kreitel recently posted a video showing her exfoliating a client?s scalp which ended up going viral. Even if you are not prone to dandruff and related scalp conditions, it is important that you exfoliate your scalp due to the presence of oil leading to cell build-up. Regular scalp exfoliation will provide you with a much healthier scalp due to the removal of all the debris, as well as the additional stimulation.

Key Takeaways:

  • One Instagram cosmetologist found a video that she had posted had gone viral. The video surrounded the importance of scalp exfoliation.
  • Your scalp has the ability to accumulate oil just like your skin does, which is why exfoliation is important.
  • When oil and debris are not removed from the scalp, it can lead to conditions such as dandruff.

“But exfoliating the scalp regularly can keep it healthier in the long run, preventing issues from cropping up and improving the look of hair.”

Read more: https://www.self.com/story/scalp-exfoliation