Retinol Oil in Your Beauty Routine to Fight the Signs of Aging

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Dermatologists report that retinol oil in your beauty routine is a must.  Retinol is an amazing anti-wrinkle ingredient that has found its way into many face oils that claim it pampers and causes “reverse aging”.  What makes retinol so impressive is that in addition to softening and fighting off lines and creases, it also helps increase collagen, improve skin tone and reduce the probability for blackheads or breakouts.

Is your skin too dry to use pure retinol?

However, retinol can also cause skin irritation for people with sensitive or dry skin types.  So the answer to that is that those people shouldn’t stick to a strict retinol regimen. Instead, switch to using retinol oil in your beauty routine.

Dermatologists explain how the active ingredients in retinol products are alike.  The only difference is the base.  Oils work best for people with drier skin due to the hydrating properties in the oils. The soothing properties make it the perfect choice for anyone struggling with redness or irritated skin.

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