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Are you searching for organic and chemical-free personal grooming products? A trend towards looking to natural alternatives as opposed to chemical-based skin care leads us back to historical and traditional uses of botanical, or plant-based ingredients.

Made from plant sources folk treatments have been used to heal skin irritations for centuries. Modern medicine and cosmetics have incorporated age-old remedies derived from clinically tested plant compounds that clean and soothe healthy skin.

Historically cosmetics were blended from vitamin and mineral-rich sources of plants found in nature. The synthetic products available today simply duplicate the effects of natural plant-based compounds.  If natural plant-based cosmetics are safer, why risk using products with chemical ingredients?  Do you really prefer to extend the shelf life of your product over using safe ingredients on your face?  Can we learn the ancient secrets and formulate our own natural treatments?  It is highly recommended that you do your research and read the ingredients labels thoroughly.

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Nature’s Answer to Sensitive Skin