Most Popular Oils in Beauty Today

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There are so many new popular oils in beauty. Many have been added to beauty and healthcare aisles in stores around the world.

The first, blue tansy oil, is vibrantly colored to add brightness to the skin. Like chamomile, blue tansy has anti-inflammatory powers. A bottle of the stuff can cost between fifty and a hundred dollars, depending on brand.

The second, grapeseed, is a base oil that helps to balance the skin, especially for those with more sensitive skin. Skincare giants Uma and Caudalie prefer grapeseed oil to keep acne under control.

A third oil, pomegranate seed oil, is easily absorbed by skin due to its small molecular size, providing its benefits without leaving a greasy feel behind. Pomegranate is also high in vitamins and antioxidants. These and many other oils are talked about in this article. Oils can do wonders for skin complexion.

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