The events of everyday life can leave one stressed and overwhelmed. For some, this is really an understatement because they face worse situations. But the author states that this does not have to be the new normal. This is what people have thought themselves to think; that bad situations that leave negative impact on them are normal. This could be true to some extent but not so all the time. Yet, we should not allow these negative events to have the power to dictate how we live our lives. They should not be a determining factor in our internal nature. Because they are often caused by manifestations that are external to our being, we should make sure they remain just so, external. But how can one do so? Definitely through meditation. Using meditation, one can be able to have control over external circumstances and influences and maintain a sense of serenity to a reasonable extent. But this situation cannot be achieved if one is not a dedicated practitioner of meditation for several years. The blog then highlights what meditation is and the benefits derived from meditation.

Key Takeaways:

  • It does not have to be that our daily life is full of stress and makes us overburdened even if to some people this is an understatement.
  • There is some truth to the fact that people will just accept some situations and circumstances in their life because they think it is normal.
  • We have the power to cut off some situations that affect us negatively and make them just external manifestations of the internal workings of our being.

“In order to get the full benefits of meditation, one would have to be a dedicated practitioner for many years. Still, even as a beginner a positive internal change after each meditation will be noticeable. There is no doubt about that.”

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