Makeup Industry Introduces New Trend

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Pills and liquids are the latest fads from the makeup industry. This includes vitamins, herbs, and foods that researchers claim improve skin tone and elasticity.  More and more, celebrities are endorsing these types of products.

In an era where consumers are much more concerned with food labels and the ingredients in them being natural, people are becoming more aware of harmful additives such as parabens and other chemicals in skincare products, and they would prefer not to apply them to their skin.

This growing trend with beauty supplement sales (also called “nutraceuticals”) has increased by more than $3 million in just the last two years. Some people may assume the products are safe if they are sold by a trusted retailer, but that is not always the case.  Relatively new to the United States, it is unclear how safe or effective these products are since the FDA only checks them after they hit the market for public consumption.

Pills may be perceived to be more effective based on manufacturer’s outrageous claims that makeups and creams can’t legally make (such as collagen improving skin elasticity).  Big companies such as Urban Outfitters and Sephora are selling these types of products to cater to a rising customer demand. However, since it takes time to see any benefits from ingestibles, at this time it is more difficult to build a loyal following.

Common sense will tell you that if you put healthy things inside your body, the outside of your body will show it.  Ingestibles will help you from the inside, and lotions or creams will help the outward appearance of your skin look so much better.  A combination of the two is your best bet.

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