In the summer months, sunscreen is an important product to have around — but it does expire. According to dermatologists, you should take this expiration date seriously. The chemicals in sunscreen will disintegrate or oxidize after a specified period of time, which will change the sunscreen’s appearance and texture — and make it less effective. Expired sunscreen may not protect your skin as well from UV rays, leading to potentially dangerous exposure to the sun. For the sake of your health, just buy new sunscreen!

Key Takeaways:

  • Expired sunscreen might look or smell different than it did when you first bought it.
  • If your sunscreen does not have an expiration date, it is safe to use for three years as long as it was manufactured in the US.
  • If you apply sunscreen every time you go out (which is what doctors recommend), it will run out before it expires.

“Sunscreen can definitely expire ? and once it does, it loses its strength and becomes less effective at blocking out UV rays.”

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