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Many people don’t really know how to use face serum or even the reason for using it in the first place.  The idea of face serum may seem strange.  It is a moisturizer, but you still need to use a separate moisturizer.  It can be oily or watery.  It’s a paradox.

You may have wondered if serum is another name for face oil.  It’s not.  The more conventional serums are typically water-based.  However, recently there has been an increase in oils being advertised as serums.  Make sure to read the ingredients.

When applying facial serum, do so after washing your face and before your moisturizer.  This allows the potent ingredients to effectively sink directly into the skin.  Serum is the best for this because of its high concentration of the most effective ingredients.  This also makes serum a great technique for aiming at particular skin care concerns such as lines and wrinkles.

Do you know the difference between a serum and an essence?

Is serum another name for essences?   No, but they are quite similar.  They may only really vary in terms of marketing.  They are different only in their texture.  Serums are more gooey and concentrated.  Essences are more watery and have a fluid consistency They are both applied to your face after washing and before moisturizing, and both aim for more than just hydrating skin.

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