In order to turn your dreams into reality, start your day by working on your most important task. You can only take responsibility for your actions, not the results of them. Start small and don’t hurt yourself. Find a way to focus on your goals and be accountable to others. Work when you are focused and rest fully. Don’t worry about the what-ifs. Remember that others are not focused on you. Get enthusiastic about what you’re doing and make it fun. Celebrate each day what you were able to accomplish.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take responsibility for your actions, but remember that you alone cannot totally control the results, and try not to worry too much.
  • When you feel tired or lethargic, or just lack motivation, try starting with small, manageable tasks.
  • Get a piece of paper and write down reminders of goals, priorities or principles that you don’t want to get distracted from.

“The boss told us that if we took care of the most important task of the day – often one of the more difficult ones too – right away in the morning the rest of the day would be a lot easier and lighter.”

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