Everyone has gone through a period in their life where they feel a little bit overwhelmed and like they cannot get anything done. It is not easy to be one of these people in this situation but you need to know that there are others who have gotten through it. If they can do it, you know that you can to. Stay close to the people that you love during this time period and find your happiness again.

Key Takeaways:

  • Automatic negative thoughts are the beliefs that you have about yourself. These beliefs are usually generated from past experiences.
  • Having an all or nothing mindset can make you susceptible to negative thoughts as you may be unable to see to a silver lining or middle ground.
  • Blaming yourself, putting yourself down, or making yourself a factor in your thoughts about your feelings can be signs of and types of ANT.

“You’re sending out applications to several job openings, and every single response you get is a rejection. You’ve tweaked your resume and hired the best career coaches you could afford.”

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