The author is in a quagmire because he really wants to know how one can stop saying yes when with all his being he really wants to say no. That was the problem the author used to have and he confesses that it is not easy to do. Because of this problem, when family and friends ask him for a favor or help, he would become angry with them. This was because he discovered that in his life he was working on other people’s goals and aspirations rather than working on his own. The author decided to practice saying no and he wants to relate his experience in this blog. The first tip is that one should keep in mind why he is desirous of saying no. He should look at the positive things saying no can do for his life such as the ability to spend more time with one’s family or to pursue a hobby. One practice to do to achieve this is to ask oneself: what are my top priorities in life right now? The next step is to make it easy for people to accept the no by kindly disarming them first and then stating one’s own need. Other tips for saying no are contained in the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people have realized that saying no is not easy especially when they have formed a habit of saying yes in their life.
  • The author always had the habit of getting angry with himself and with others who had asked him for favors because he cannot say no to them.
  • Things had to change for him because he was frequently working on other people’s goals and not on his own which impacted his life negatively.

“Focus on the positive things it will open up in your life such as more time for your family, for your writing or other hobby or simply for relaxing so your stress levels will go down.”

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