How to Make Your Natural Products Last

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If your a big fan of natural beauty products, you have likely run into the scenario where your product goes bad before you have a chance to even use it.

Well, with this little tip, not only will you be able save all of your favorite natural lotions, masks and bath products, but you can even extend the life of many of your other store-bought products as well.  It’s called Citric Acid, and it’s a natural preservative that is already being used to preserve food.

Do you have something in your cupboard containing citric acid?

What’s more, aside from keeping your beauty items fresh for each time you use it, citric acid brightens your skin, shrinks pores, and even treats mild acne. It can also be used as a body scrub or to combat smelly feet.

If you like to make homemade products, from body washes and bath scrubs to shaving cream, you wont ever have to run naked to the fridge again because you forgot something. The same thing that keeps your food fresh without adding chemicals is the same thing that will help keep those products from going bad on your countertop. Citric acid. This magical, natural additive will keep all your homemade bath products fresh for a lot longer.

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