How to get the Perfect Tan Safely

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We have all seen her: the poor dear in over-sized sunglasses, black clothing and painful to look at, bright orange skin. Attaining a fake tan that is cost-effective, efficient, and most importantly, leaves you still looking like your natural, glowing, and beautiful self, is possible- even from your own home!

The first step to any successful tanning session is a deep exfoliation and shave of any necessary areas the night before application. The next morning after your shower exfoliate again approximately one hour before applying your tan.  You have to be sure to apply a great moisturizer all over. This will allow for an even application of your tan— very important!

Remember to prepare your tools beforehand: you will need your tanner and a mitt for your hands to avoid the one-brown-palm side effect of at-home tanning.

Lastly, be sure to apply a diluted product to your face, as facial coloring can differ from the body’s. Post-application, be patient: 6-8 hours after application, you will be good to go, but before then try to avoid activities like working out and showering.

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