How to Get Soft Skin in the Winter

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Cold winter weather and wind can leave your skin dull, dehydrated, and scaly, but some easy modifications can transform your skin.  Remember that caring for your skin in winter is different from other seasons.  Each season has its own specific skin care requirements.

Have you been practicing the same skincare routine all year long?

Experts suggest that you think about changing products with the changing of the seasons.  The humidity drops in the winter, and it can feel like the moisture is being forced out of your skin.  Whereas in the summer months your skin tends to have more moisture.

Since you’re going to have more dryness during the winter, you may want to reevaluate your cleanser.  You don’t want to wash your face with something that dries you out even more.  You may want to switch from a foaming cleanser to a more hydrating creamier product during the winter. If you’re more on the oily side, you can continue using foaming cleansers but make sure you are adding a bit more moisturizer in your routine.

To assist the moisturizing products ability to penetrate your skin, you need to include exfoliation in your skin care routine.  You have to clear away dead skin cells so your moisturizer can really sink in.  And exfoliating is not just for your face.  Your whole body will benefit as well.  And finally, avoid overly hot showers or bathes.  It may feel good, but it’s not beneficial for your skin.

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