Adult Acne

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Adult acne? Isn’t that an oxymoron?  When you think about being an adult and having acne, they just don’t seem to go together.  However, acne doesn’t go away just because you’re no longer a teenager.  And even if the idea of getting wrinkles and zits at the same time seems like someone’s playing a bad joke on you, understanding what’s triggering your skin problems can help you have fewer breakouts and keep your skin clear.

What is causing your face to break out?

According to research, in the last 10 to 20 years adult acne has been increasing among women.  The increase could be due to a number of factors including excessive stress, products containing chemicals, air pollution, hormones, diet, and cleaning your face too much.

So what is the solution? There are a few ways to help you combat adult acne. Being choosy with products and their ingredients is one thing you can do. Ingredients like salicylic and glycolic acid, sulfur, and retinol are all beneficial.  Gentle and natural products like organic coconut oil are preferred.

Your skin care routine is essential.  Daily cleaning and moisturizing are vital, and don’t forget to exfoliate with a skin brush two to three times per week. This takes just a few minutes, and it will give you that healthy glowing skin you crave.

Make sure you’re not washing your face too much or too roughly.  You want to keep your face clean, but you don’t need to wash it more than two times per day.  Otherwise, you’ll end up drying your skin out and causing it to overcompensate with excessive oil to fight the dryness.

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