How to Feel Attractive Without Makeup

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It seems many women don’t like to go out without their “face” on.  In other words, they don’t feel attractive without makeup.  For decades many women have hidden their faces behind a mask. There are many reasons for this mask, from the desire to hide one’s flaws to an artistic means of self expression.

Makeup has become a part of our daily lives.  In fact it’s so commonplace that people are often taken aback when we aren’t wearing it. But how can we feel beautiful in our own skin without this time consuming mask?

Can you go one day eating only healthy foods?  Only then will you discover how much better you’ll look and feel.

There are many ways to live a life that is makeup-free, and the majority of these take the form of taking care of yourself beyond just your face. Take care of your health through eating healthy, pampering your skin, and even focusing on your mental state (You’re more than just a face! You’re a total package!).

When you recognize your intrinsic beauty and vitality, that beauty will radiate outward in a way more sincere than any face full of foundation. If you want to learn more about feeling beautiful without makeup, read the original article here:
Feel Beautiful Without Makeup