How to Apply Eye Cream the Right Way

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The skin that surrounds the eye is very thin and extremely delicate, and many times is among the first to show signs of aging.  And your eyes are one of the most prominent features on your face, so it’s natural that you want this area  to look their best. To ensure that you are applying eye cream the right way, you’ll learn some crucial tips here.

To begin with, wash your face to make your eye cream absorb better. Apply your serums and toners, and then your eye cream around your eyes.  Using an eye cream is an important part of your skincare routine.  Most eye creams seem to put an emphasis on bags that show up under your eyes, dark cricles, or wrinkles. Maybe that’s due to the fact that younger people tend to not to think about their brow drooping yet.

Have you been applying your eye-cream the right way?

To realize the full benefit of moisturizing, you must first learn how to apply eye cream correctly. You need to remember to apply it under your brow bone so the skin stays firm.  You want to use your fourth finger and apply very light pressure.  And you want to go around all of your eye area, not just underneath where there is darkness or undereye bags.

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