How-to Advice from a Makeup Snob

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How to advice from a makeup snob explains how despite the negative connotations connected to the word “snob,” blog post author Izabella Zaydenberg is glad when her colleagues call her a “make-up snob”.

With a background in chemistry and a job that involves writing about beauty products, Zaydenberg considers the label a sign that she knows what she’s talking about. She believes there is a science to looking beautiful, and she puts her expertise to work by learning all that she can about it.

Do you read the skincare ingredient labels?

You need to make every effort to educate yourself about the science of what makes you beautiful.  As a person with chemistry training, Zaydenberg reads labels and makes sure that she buys products that are safe and contain effective ingredients.

In choosing make-up, Zaydenberg follows several key rules. Aesthetically, the product must smell good and be attractively packaged. In terms of function, the product must serve a purpose and work extremely well.  It must be consistent in doing all that is asked of it and then some.

While she says she does not really consider price to be a determining factor in her purchases, she is always pleased to find a lower-cost item that works just as well as a more expensive option.

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