Homemade Skincare

photo credit: www.en.vogue.fr

Recently homemade DIY skincare products have become more popular and used quite frequently. There are companies and products highlighted in this specific genre of DIY that stand out during this season with the goal of getting rid of bottles, tubes, and jars full of impossible to pronounce ingredients.

Did you know that your best skincare ingredients can be found in your kitchen?

Experts in dermatology, nutrition, and aromatherapy are creating beauty products using certified organic ingredients to mix in your blender and treat your face, hair, and body. You can use product with things you find in the kitchen such as lemon and cider vinegar. These beauty brands let you customize the materials you use with their organic base.

One example of this is The Beauty Chef, which is based out of Sydney.  They offer a probiotic skin refiner that is strictly organic and exfoliates, hydrates, and provides an all-around skincare in one bottle. Most ingredients can be found fresh from farms and other local finds with the right ingredients.

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DIY beauty: skincare in your kitchen