Have you Heard about the Latest Trend in Contouring?

photo credit: www.abeautyhub.com

While contouring usually involves a huge list of makeup products, a new and more organic method is the latest trend in contouring, and it’s taking over.  It’s called “makeup-free” contouring.  The best part is that this makeup-free regime utilizes many different items that are probably already in your kitchen.

Even if you’re new to makeup, this simple makeup-free look is not hard to achieve.  The most important thing to understand is that just one ingredient can make your beauty routine better. Also, before you put your masks on, make sure you know what parts of your face you want to contour and what areas you want to hi-light. Being aware of what looks best on your face shape is imperative.

To begin with, get some simple ingredients together and a couple of bowls, and get ready to contour!  You’ll need honey, coffee grinds, rose petals, yogurt, and cacao powder. Take one bowl and combine the honey, rose petals, and yogurt until the mixture is smooth.  This is what you’ll call your “highlight” mask.  This will add dimension to your face. In a different bowl, make another face mask with cacao powder, coffee grinds, and honey.   Use these masks to outline and hi-light areas of your forehead, nose, cheekbones, and jawline to add dimension to your face.

Whether you are a believer in contouring without makeup or even if you are still questioning, there are so many benefits to adding this makeup-free step to your own personal regime.  An added bonus is that all of these natural ingredients combined together will help to decrease redness, make your skin tighter, and open up your pores.

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Makeup free contouring is the new contouring