Hacks to Fight Against Dry Skin

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Winter always takes a toll on your skin and can leave it dry and flaky. There is no reason to put up with feeling dry and uncomfortable because there are many quick hacks out there to fight against dry skin.

Do you think there’s no time in the morning to add a hydrating mask to your skin routine?

Apply a hydrating sheet mask in the morning to give your skin a boost.  Even if you only have 10 minutes (put it on while you’re doing your morning routine such as making breakfast), that will be enough to be very effective, so a moisturizing mask will make you look and feel better all day.

In regards to foundation, matte isn’t the best choice if you have dry skin.  Also, it’s best to avoid when it’s extremely cold.  However, it can still work if you prime, moisturize, and apply it well.  If you want to keep your skin clear of dry patches, it’s a better choice to use a hydrating foundation or a BB/CC cream.

Another great tip is to mix a face oil or serum into your foundation. This may sound strange, but it works great to give you a glow. Applying oil to your face may sound odd, but if you apply them right, it could really make a difference.  Simply put 2-3 drops of serum or facial oil (determine which one to use by how dry your skin feels) to your foundation brush prior to blending. If you use a beauty sponge to blend your foundation in, mix the serum or oil into the foundation before applying to your face.

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