Habits to Make Now to Avoid Red Cheeks in the Winter

photo credit: www.self.com

There are certain habits you can make now to avoid having red rosy cheeks all winter.  There is discussion as to the why’s of seasonal redness that affects millions of American each year. If it’s not rosacea, then dryness and temperature typically are to blame for the causes of such redness.

Is it sunburn or windburn?

In the winter, skin is more inclined to be drier and a great deal more delicate and sensitive. There are many products that can help prevent redness and dryness associated with skin and the harshness that winter can inflict upon it.

Some things you can do right now are try changing your face cleaner to a mild one and stay away from very hot water.  Next, make sure to use thicker moisturizers with ingredients like ceramides, which mimic the skin’s natural lipid barrier, and hyaluronic acid, which locks water in. Also aloe is very soothing to the skin.  Always make sure you are safe from the elements in the environment.  Sunblock is important all-year round.

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