Giving Up Sugar Transforms Your Skin

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Can something as simple as giving up sugar transform your skin? We all wish that there could be a quick-fix to all of our skincare issues. Of course it takes time and commitment and maybe even giving up something you enjoy, such as sugar.  If you have ever wished for brighter, clearer skin, then you are not alone. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the look and texture of your skin without resorting to extreme measures.

What kind of skin issues are caused by inflammation?

For years doctors have warned us about the negative effect of sugar on our bodies. But one thing you may not know is how sugar can effect your complexion. Recent medical studies have shown how sugar causes inflammation. That inflammation can lead to many unwelcome skin issues.

According to skincare guru Dr. Nicholas Perricone, simple carbs cause an insulin increase, which triggers inflammation. These inflammations can reveal themselves in many ways: wrinkles, saggy skin, and acne breakouts.  Sugar can dull your skin, as well as increase the size of your pores and sebum production. If you have oily, greasy skin, the culprit may be your sugar intake.

Here you will learn of one woman’s journey to eliminate processed sugar from her diet, thus improving her complexion and invigorating her overall health. So step away from that microdermabrasion device and read about this natural solution to your skin woes.

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