Though it seems contrary to a natural response, opening up and examining the reason for anxiety is more beneficial than shielding one’s self from damage or hurt. If trying to please everyone is the cause for anxiety, it pays to find a place where it is safe to fail, and examine why it is felt necessary to please. Addressing that reason and finding resolve, as well as techniques to think beyond the moment, can free a person from that kind of anxiety.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author struggled with the anxious feelings of not being good enough and being a disappointment to other people.
  • Your amygdala in your brain serves to trigger feelings that might make you protect yourself or look out for your welfare.
  • Because of her upbringing, the author ended up with low self-esteem. She was scared of the thought of making mistakes and failing.

“Like most single parents going through the hardships of singlehandedly caring for two children, my mother was often anxious about my well-being. And she overcompensated for her anxiety by being overbearing.”

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