Many are stuck in a constant cycle where they want to do everything. This is called “greed.” When we are overloaded with things to do, we become sloppy and distracted. Even though greed is common for many in society today, there are ways to avoid trying to do everything. The antidote to this is to focus. It is important to focus on the urge, see the effects, and generate self control to restraint yourself from doing something. After this, the individual should focus on limiting their distractions. Of course, mastering the art of focusing does not come without practice, so it is important to recognize that everyone is human, will make mistakes, and that it takes time to let go in order to ultimately be happy.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that he has a problem which most people have and that problem is that he wants to do everything.
  • It’s not possible to watch every interesting television show or do everything that one has stipulated on one’s to-do list for the day.
  • In Budhism the term that one wants all that there is and at the same time is called greed and it is described as a human tendency.

“The traditional antidote to greed in Buddhism is generosity. And while we will talk about the practice of generosity, the antidote I’d like to propose you try is focus.”

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