Facialist to the Stars Reveals Favorite Skincare Indulgence

photo credit: www.laracked.com


What would skin specialists say is the best skincare indulgence?  Shani Darden, also known as the guru of skin care in Hollywood, has solved the mystery.

She is a Hollywood skincare expert who is recognized for her quick and easy beauty remedies. Her notable A-list client roster, Lea Michele in particular, shared how Darden helps to rescue her skin.

Do you know what skin products are worth the time and money?

Clean your face morning and night, be sure to remove all makeup, try to avoid the sun, and use products that are made for your specific skin type.

When asked what to do with those pesky spots that show up on your face, Darden recommended leaving them alone. Picking at spots causes irritation and can push bacteria down further. She recommendsa sulfur mask or hydrocortisone cream to help.  A few of her trade secrets include certain simple methods that will help you keep your skin clear as well as how to treat under-eye circles and bags.

And when asked what beauty product is really worth the money, Darden responded that LED light therapy is excellent. She uses it on her clients to boost collagen, reduce bacteria and help to fight wrinkles and pesky fine lines.

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