Eyebrows Eyebrows Eyebrows!

photo by: self.com

Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows! Lately it seems as if any place you go, you’ll notice that everyone is having a conversation or blogging about eyebrows.  And here we go again!

Typically attention is paid to eyebrows in terms of shaping, but recently there has been more research delving into what your eyebrows could be saying to the world about you.  The type of eyebrow someone wears can be a representation of their personality.

Eyebrows are no longer restricted to simply sculpting and maintenance.  Eyebrows can be shaped to fit each individual’s character.  In this article you’ll learn about 6 main categories of eyebrows that relate to an individual’s personality, but do remember that it’s meant to be in good fun.

What do your eyebrows say about your personality or your interests?

For example, those with untamed eyebrows are more likely not to be concerned with what others think of them and are typically more confident than others.  In fact, this person doesn’t like to be concerned with even grooming their eyebrows at all.  Their attitude is more of, “Thick and bold eyebrows are the trend right now, so why should I bother tweezing?”

On the contrary, those with thin brows are more likely to be hesitant or uncertain.  A sparse brow conveys that the person has a difficult time when it comes to making decisions.  And thinner eyebrows can really age you.  So if your eyebrows are thin and sparse, filling them in a bit will create a bold brow, and that will take years off your look.

Some of the other categories include personality traits of those with curved eyebrows, who are inclined to have a great imagination, and those with arched eyebrows, who are total romantics and dreamers.

To learn more about what your eyebrows are saying about you, read the full article here:

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