Everyone is trying to be something in life. Some people want to achieve more than others and other people have a different idea of what success actually is. However, when you look at the facts, everyone is actually trying to do something. With that, it can be argued that people are trying to be the best that they can actually be. Sure, some people definitely are more suited to that title than others but it is not always the case.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone struggles in one way shape or form and we should all realize that.
  • Life is not an easy thing no matter what you do or what your background is in this world.
  • Focus on yourself and your own goals and be patient and you will see results.

“After a painful breakup last August, it took all of my energy to drag myself from bed in the morning. My intense emotions were riding shotgun, which sometimes meant canceling plans last minute, postponing work calls, or calling a friend to cry it out.”

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