Even Natural Products can Cause Allergies

photo credit: www.fox2now.com

Who would have thought that even natural products could cause allergies. In recent years, dermatologists have reported a surge of people dealing with allergies to natural skincare products.  This newfound phenomenon is called “contact dermatitis.”

Contact dermatitis is caused by skin coming into contact with certain natural products such as lavender and jasmine. And some natural oils like tea tree oil and ylang-ylang can cause an allergic reaction and typically manifests itself as a rash or blister on the contacted areas.

Do you think that plant-derived oils are more trustworthy than conventional options?

The North American Contact Dermatitis Group, a team of 14 dermatologists dedicated to this specialized allergy, are in the midst of testing what products and substances are most likely to cause contact dermatitis and what can be used to treat these conditions. Dr. Erin Warshaw, one of the physician members of the Contact Dermatitis Group, warns readers not to trust a product simply due to its natural or botanical ingredients: treating a rash with certain plant based oils can even make the situation worse!

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