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It’s winter time, and that means the cold and drying weather is here. Essential beauty oils are a great tool to have in your arsenal to fight against dry skin.

The cold may be enjoyable for the holidays, but your skin does not appreciate it. Maybe you’ve heard about how essential beauty oils help with dry skin and how they are essential for deeper skin hydration.

It is crucial that you take care of your skin properly through all the seasons of the year, winter in particular.  All you need is a few essential oils, and you will be able to maintain young and healthy skin. Olive oil and coconut oil both have amazing properties to keep your skin healthy. Applying these to your body along with other oils can be an easy way to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Make it a part of your routine.They do wonders for your skin and they are completely natural.

One oil in particular you’ve probably heard about is coconut and how it penetrates and restores dry skin. You should heat it up a bit, but don’t put it in the microwave.  It’s much simpler to put some in your hands and rub your hands together.  This will help heal your dry skin.  An alternative to coconut oil is extra virgin olive oil.  This is better if you’re looking for something that’s not as heavy as coconut oil.

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