Does Your Makeup Bag Need a Makeover?

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You love getting a makeover, but have you ever thought about your makeup bag being in need of a makeover?  Cheryl Renella, a 35-year veteran of working in the beauty business, reveals her tips and tricks for a sure-fire look that is up-to-date.  In addition, she offers advice to ensure that your makeup is not harming your skin or your health so you can figure out what to keep and what to toss.

Is your makeup harboring dangerous bacteria?

While Chapstick is marketed as something that helps moisturize your lips, it is actually extremely drying.  You’re better off using something more hydrating.  Also, stay away from waxy eyebrow pencils because they could end up making your dry skin worse (and your sparse brows even sadder).  Follow these tips to plump your pretty pout and keep your brows on fleek, and avoid common beauty mistakes.

Using outdated makeup not only ages you, it’s bad for your health! Do you know when you should be disposing of your favorite tube of mascara?  Get rid of all mascara that is more than a month old.  Just jot it down in your calendar when you bought it so you don’t forget and end up with pink eye.

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