DO NOT Try this Skincare Trend

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Just because it’s a skincare trend that you’ve heard about doesn’t mean it’s scientifically sound advice.  And while it’s not necessary to do a deep cleanse when you start your day, you still need to wash your face each morning.

Does your skin type change with the seasons?

There are many reasons to wash your face each morning.  First of all, skin picks up debris from your pillowcase at night while you sleep.  In addition, most people are likely to perspire while sleeping.  And finally, you need a clean face so your serums and moisturizers will absorb much easier.  This lays the ideal foundation for your makeup application.

Experts advocate using three different cleansers to care for your skin and its’ specific needs on any given day.  While skin type doesn’t change, its condition can fluctuate with the weather, water intake, and many other influences.  If your skin feels dry, try something soothing. If your face feels oily, try a non-drying gel or a clay cleanser. Chafed and irritated skin requires something gentle with few ingredients.

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