Dangers to Your Skincare Health
photo by: elitedaily.com

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ, and yet there are many unknown dangers threatening your skincare health. Sadly, most people end up neglecting to realize how fragile their skin is and end up using products containing chemicals that are hurting them.

What can you do to avoid doing additional unintentional harm to your skin?

Start by reading the ingredients of your everyday products.  You may be unknowingly introducing many dangerous ingredients into your body via your skincare routine when you shower, moisturize, and put your makeup on.  Make changes to better care for your skin so you’re not damaging it at the same time.

Surprisingly the biggest danger out there is fragrance. You might think, “Wow, my lotion smells great?” It may very well smell great, but it also can be doing harm. Fragrance is an ingredient that is protected under international trade law, so there is no law requiring companies to divulge exactly what goes into their “fragrance”.

Another particularly frightening chemical is phthalates.  It is often used to increase flexibility of plastic or vinyl.  This is particularly frightening when you think of putting a chemical designed to be used with plastics directly on your skin.  It has been found to severely interfere with hormones, cause birth defects, as well as liver, kidney and lung damage.

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